Project Management Planning

Project Management Planning

From Practice to Applied Research

Muhamed Abdomerovic


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Project Management Planning explores the science and art of handling planned responsibility and unexpected conditions. The processes of planning contents (initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing) and the attributes of planning contents (scope, time, resources, cost, quality, risk, benefit, others) are generally common. For that reason, comprehensive project management planning applies across all types of projects and all kinds of planning situations, including, for example, the Agile sequence of shortterm investments or in Critical Chain Buffer management.

Evidence shows two massive gaps in project management planning across the field, which this book hopes to address. The first gap is between current project management planning and its potential as a practical discipline. The second gap is between project management system knowledge and its potential as an applied research discipline. This book first explains how a project management plan develops from project management contents, before using the same tools to explain how project management system logic develops from project management system contents. Finally, it shows how project management system contents and its logic improve project management contents.

By understanding how a project management plan develops into a project management systems logic, we can implement strong plans across programs, businesses and corporations, organizations, and any entity for which managing plans is an integral part.


Muhamed Abdomerovic:

Muhamed Abdomerovic has learned project management planning through information technology, construction, process industry, and energy sector projects exceeding a $12.5 billion budget. While employed in various positions, he has published over 50 journal articles, six Project Management World Congress proceedings, and four books, and has contributed to project management standards.